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Mar 14, 2020

Anytime is a good time for deep glossy red, chocolate brown and dark plum nail colours. Find the perfect match for romantic evenings and smooth red wines!

To keep hands and nails looking beautiful and cared-for at all times is somewhat of a challenge,  especially in the drier areas of South Africa.

Instead of spending time on filing,  buffing and numerous nail polish touch-ups every week,  try finding your nearest nail technician and ask for a beautiful gel overlay.  This treatment will prevent you from biting your cuticles (since you wouldn’t want to spoil your new nails!) and encourage natural growth without damaging the nails.  Your nails will grow about 3mm in just four weeks.

I personally prefer a home-based nail salon because they’re often closer to my home,  and I also love the cosy,  personal touch of a small salon where I get to know and appreciate the owner.

Let’s support our small salon owners!

Home Based Salon in Plumstead

Cape Town

Laura Connolly runs her home-based nail salon from Plumstead in Cape Town.  Her salon caters mainly for working ladies and busy moms but also accommodates small bridal groups as well as ladies and girls who need their nails done for a special occasion.

Laura has 18 years experience as a nail technician and uses mainly Bio Sculpture Gel products. Her colour range is extensive!

As you can see in the photos below, Laura is also able to do  beautiful NAIL ART!   French Manicures and tips with gel overlays are also on the menu as well as pedicures and nail repairs.

Bio Sculpture Gel Colour 86 – Dark Plum

Bio Sculpture Gel Colour 92 – Amethyst

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel



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