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At Karoosential we formulate and create products with a great deal of care, love and absolute passion.

  • Refreshing Foot Spray
  • Facial Mist / Toner
  • Muscle and Joint Rub
  • Mask, Pillow, Room & Hand Spray
  • Exquisite Oil
  • Mommy and Me Moisturiser
  • Fundamental Moisturiser
  • Cleanser / Makeup Remover
  • Facial Moisturiser
  • Vapour Rub

Products are made using quality raw products, as well as Karoosential’s unique Spekboom (Portulacaria Afra) oil infusion.



My love for natural products started with my father’s natural syrups, tonics and lotions that he made for us with love and wisdom.

Thus, I always had a strong urge to make my own remedies with the know how. However, I decided to up my game and completed an internationally accredited course in Herbal Medicine.

Karoosential was born from two things: my loved ones needing the absolute best remedies (products) I could possibly formulate, combined with my obsession with Spekboom (which I use in nearly all my products).

Now, I’m sharing this with the rest of South Africa.

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  1. Janine

    I am using these facial products for the passed 3 months and there is a remarkable change for the better in my skin.

  2. Elana

    These products are absolutely the best! I really find the Exquisite Oil and Exquisite Spray very useful. The muscle and joint rub really helps to get relief from the pain in my shoulders. I’d definitely recommend Karoosential’s products to anyone! Definitely worth every cent.

  3. Ronelle

    These products are simply amazing. Three of my top favorites are Muscle and Joint rub – I have a bad knee and this helps for the joint pain. The Exquisite Oil on my hands and cuticles is amazing. The Fundamental Moisturizer is so luxurious. I highly recommend all of these products. Well done Karoosential on these fabulous natural products made with love, good for me products ❤

  4. Lynette

    There are a few products that I started to use.
    Shaving cream – no more rash under my arms.
    Muscle rub relieve pain in my neck and shoulders.
    Foot spray- what a wonderful feeling to take my shoes off and lavish my feet with that spray. No more pain and burning sensation.
    Thank you Karoosential!!!!

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