George Reflexology Clinic

George Reflexology Clinicl


3 Swartkop Close
Kraaibosch Country Estate
Western Cape



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+27 73 802 8838


Have you tried reflexology?

Are you Feeling Stressed?

Why Not Try Reflexology.

  • De-stress, detox and boost your overall health.
  • A Reflexologist knows just how to stimulate all the organs and glands in the body – detoxing them, strengthening them, thus getting them to function better.
  • Reflexology is also amazing in calming the bad side effects of chemo and radiation in cancer patients.


I am Desire van der Steen – I am a qualified Reflexologist,

I’ve been in the Reflexology industry for more than 22 years. I absolutely love helping people with bodily ailments and improving their level of health through the treatments I provide.

  • Calm setting
  • One on one treatment
  • Treatment duration 1 hour.
    2h duration for new clients – I do a full assessment.

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  1. Christa Cruywagen

    Desire is most professional and makes you feel at home from the first minute you meet her. The treatments are great and I feel totally de-stressed when I leave.

  2. Yvonne Bakkes

    My treatments with Desire have definitely improved my quality of life. Desire is professional and makes you feel at home. Worth it!

  3. Lance

    I go every 2 weeks and certainly feel great after the treatment. I would recommend anyone to try.

  4. Wendy

    Great treatment by a great reflexologist. Always feel great after having the treatment. Well recommended.

  5. Nadia Campbell

    I can recommend this wonderful therapy. Very professional and knowledgable. Such a treat!

  6. Carol Wicht

    Desire has saved my life, was in such pain, my feet were killing me. Since my treatments, I am walking on air with, new lease on life.

  7. Thea vd Westhuizen

    It did wonders for me. To detox your body is very good, and I lost weight. Will recommend any day. Desire the best. -Thea

  8. Vanessa

    Amazing treatment for your body and excellent service I received. Will definitely recommend.

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