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  • Genie Hair Growth Oil
  • FAST Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Genie Hair Growth Treatment for men, women + ethnic hair


  • Belly Fat Reducer
  • Tummy Tuck Green Tea
  • SlimUnut Weight Loss Capsules and more…


  • Tattoo Ink Care Cream
  • Earthly Muse Foot Treatment
  • Moshi Hemp Skin Care and more…



I Started my business 9 years ago helping people achieve their goals in natural weight loss and many other healthy options.
I personally lost 37 kg’s on our product 9 years ago and have kept it off…

I’d love to help you walk this road and achieve your goals.

There is also a business opportunity for reps to start selling our products and earn commission.

Our products are aspartame in free gluten-free lactose free and GMO free.

I am so passionate about what I do and would love to help all women & men around the world to feel that they are enough.


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  1. Annamarie

    I was on the SlimUnut for 2 Years and it really worked. For health reasons I am not on it anymore. I use the Cut the Kilo now and it also works well.
    The staff at Genie in a Nutshell are just great. Always helpful and go out of their way to please the customer. I always feel welcome at their offices and they have a variety of products to assist with your needs. Always will refer them to anyone. Thank you Genevieve for you friendly and professional help.

  2. Trev

    I love the team from Genie in a nutshell. They provide amazing service and super fast turnaround times. Their products are very reasonably priced and actually work for me.

  3. Jessica

    Absolutely LOVE the products! Affordable and they REALLY work. Thank you Gen. I was blown away by the leave-in conditioner… i cannot believe how amazing it works for my baby’s hair! you have a client for life (“,)

  4. Dorothea Johnson

    I am proud to say that dealing with Genie in a Nutshell was a very pleasant experience. Their service is excellent. They are very helpful, professional and trustworthy. Thank you so much Genie in a Nutshell for the amazing service 😀💯

  5. Gen

    I really love Genie in a Nutshell, they have so much to choose from….hair growth, weight loss, skin care. Even an on-board hairdresser.

  6. Vanessa Mitchelle

    I struggle with bad eczema, and Genie in a Nutshell recommended Yaka Shea Butter, and I can say that it has worked so many wonders on my skin, and it’s so great that you can even use it in cooking, it’s that organic.
    Thank you Genie in a nutshell, you helped my skin. ❤️

  7. Tracey Chetty

    I used the hair spray after experiencing hair loss and after the 1st bottle I could see a great difference with no more hair falling. And the greatest part is that the product is not greasy or sticky.
    The service from Gen is so professional and she she’s so experienced and passionate about the product she sells.
    Also, the delivery is so quick and efficient even though I am 3 and half hours away from her.

  8. Esme

    Thank you Gen for your excellent service. I love your products and will highly recommend the SlimUnut. It’s really working for me.

  9. Nozipho Mchunu

    Used the SlimUNut product before and noticed a significant change in 2 months. Tried other products and gained the weight back.

    So I am convinced, SlimUNut is the product for me.

    Oh, did I mention the superb customer service and quick order delivery, very impressive…

  10. Shawn

    Thank you Gen for your fantastic 100% natural hair growth spray and oil, and especially for your personalized service. I wish you super success

  11. Gen

    I personally know Genevieve from Genie In a Nutshell 😃 she found a product that worked for weight loss and used it herself in 2015.

    She lost a lot of weight so decided to help other people , part time while still having a full-time job.

    She brought her son his first car with the money she made selling SlimUnut, then realised you had a business🙏🙏🙏 she resigned her job in faith and has been helping women since 2016.

    If you guys want someone that really invests in you and helps you get to your goals Genevieve is the person to contact.

    Myself and so many other people have walked this road with Genevieve🌻😃

    Thanks Genie in a nutshell for giving me a new leash on life.

  12. Dorothy Webley

    Great customer service and attention to detail!

  13. Craig Lister

    Advantage sugar replacement the sugar is gluten-free lactose-free and gmo-free 1/4 of a teaspoon is equivalent to a full teaspoon of any other sugar🤗😉.

    This is such a fantastic product.
    Now you can enjoy coffee with this sugar replacement. Keep normal sugar for your guests. Genie in a nutshell s service and expertise is really out of this world. I wonder what I will purchase next

  14. Gavin Kreuiter

    The SlimUNut product has improved my life dramatically. It is available at various stores under various names, but I will always buy from GenieInANutshell for two reasons: their service is friendly and superfast, and the guidance I received from Gen on the use of the nut is awesome. There is *no* substitute for personal advice.

  15. Zubeida Cass

    Great service. Thank you so much

  16. Tamsyn Parry

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love Genie in a nutshell they have given me hope and a new lease on life… Gen from Genie really walks this road with u.

  17. Genevieve Rudman

    Genie in a nutshell have amazing products that really work 🙂 also 100% natural

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