Rose-gold Hair

Feb 26, 2020

I’m completely fascinated with this colour trend for hair!  It’s been around for a while and follows on the rose-gold jewelry trend.

It seems that both cool and warm skin tones can get away with these beautiful shades of metal.  Depending on your base colour,  high and lowlights,  rose-gold colouring can result in interesting tones – anything from an ash-pink shade to warm,  peachy hues.

Some colourists use the balayage technique to apply colour and others prefer an all-over,  seamless look without streaks.  Often dark brown hair is lightened a little before the colour/s are applied,  so be prepared to spend a bit of time in the salon if your hair is very dark.

Here is a GUY TANG tutorial on Rose-Gold Hair (16 minutes)

Below are paler, more washed-out versions of the Rose Gold trend.

Contact your local hair stylist for a consultation to put you on the road to a new look!

Wishing you a ROSY future!



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